The Seawalker Water Horse Walker brings all the benefits of exercising horses in the sea and more to professional equine training facilities

Seawalker gives you a major benefit over any seaside visit because it gives you complete control of speed and depth of water allowing you to tailor the workout/recovery session specifically to your horses needs. Unlike spa therapy units, where the horse stands still, and water treadmills where its gait is assisted, the Seawalker horse water walker offers unhindered natural movement for up to eight horses.

Trainers with a Seawalker have reported excellent results in preventing horses from ‘tying up’ and a significant reduction in general post-work stiffness with warm-up and cool-down Seawalker sessions. With phenomenal results in the development of young horses, you can be sure to give your young colt or filly a head start on all its peers.

The Seawalker features:

  • Salt water chilled to 4 0C
  • Control of depth & speed of water
  • Filtration & purification system that is simple & low maintenance
brown horse standing in water horse walker seawalker



The Seawalker Horse Water Walker brings all the benefits of exercising horses in the sea to the professional equine training facility. The Seawalker installation, uses chilled salt water at varying heights to target specific muscle groups, provides the ideal exercising environment both for horses in training as well as those recuperating from injury and mares carrying foals.

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