Killahy Equine has had a long standing association with Duncan Equine and they often work together to provide the ultimate equine fencing and equestrian property design solution. From experience, Duncan Equine Group understand the importance of keeping horses safe and strive to bring their customers a complete, safe, elegant and long-lasting horse fencing system.

Stallion Rail Equine Fencing

Premium flexible rail made with advanced technology.

The safest flexible rail fencing for horses on the market backed by a premium warranty.

Available in Plain, Ultra and Extreme.

The carbon fibre molecular bonding delivers ultra-electrical conductivity and flexibility. Stabilized with three high tensile wires Stallion Rail Ultra has one edge of the rail electric. This gives the option of having either only the top or bottom of each rail electric simply by flipping the rail during installation.

Made with premium grade UV stabilized medium density Polyethylene.

Suitable for all horses and ponies.

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