Untreated timber encased in re-cycled plastic WOODSHIELD timber fencing posts and rails have superior strength and rigidity combined with the protective properties, toughness and lifespan of polyethylene.

WOODSHIELD timber posts feature a simple yet revolutionary protection system completely free of chemicals. The production process coats a machined pine timber pole in a protective layer of plastic up to 6mm thick, encasing the post to a finished size of 83mm standard post, 100mm round or 123mm for row-end posts. Rectangle fencing rails are produced in the same way.

The Premier Coated Timber Posts will work for you. WOODSHIELD posts are a cost effective non-chemical option and many property owners have had WOODSHIELD posts in the ground since

• The post that does not rust or rot
• Safe for horses & weather resistant
• Smooth, so no splinters or cracks
• Will not snap and be a hazard to the animal
• Non edible / NO chemical issues
• NO Painting / NO termite issues
• Organically sustainable & fully recyclable


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